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Honeymoon Suite

The period of Honey Moon in the life of man / women has some peculiar and novel charm, which leaves indelible impressions in the mind and with the passage of time, the memories do get revived off and on.

While the hotels provide suites for affluent couples, the houseboat accommodation was somehow lacking here and I was very much intent upon removing this deficiency and wanted to offer some thing good and grand to compete with any Five Star Hotel.

While constructing Houseboat all the experience and resources have gone into the construction of this five bed roomed Extravaganza, a blend of perfection and touch of excellence by Kashmir craftsmen, leaving the onlooker spell bound and dazed by the decor and quite modern fittings and furnishings. It is the piece of perfection to be seen to be marveled, a bed room on the first floor was constructed for the honey moon couples.

Honey Moon Suite room is quite alluring and provides a magnificent view of the enchanting surroundings of the lake and vale. And when there is full moon, one can just get lost admiring the nature at its zenith, when it is quite calm and serene all around, lending romance to the atmosphere and the honey moon couples can all the more enjoy it to their full. In case one does not like to venture out of the room, then one has to remove the curtains and Shankaracharya mountain is just in front. The room is a masterpiece of imagination and creation having altogether separate arrangements for dining and drinking. No touch with the people living down stairs and no fear about the solitude and privacy.

The present cement concrete monsters coming up every where cannot match the tranquility and grandeur of this room, combining past with the present. Mughal type of woodcarvings with present day fittings and amenities make this room matchless.

Honey Moon couples are whole-heartedly welcome to enjoy few nights in the room built for them.

Hope to receive the encouragement this fantastic idea deserves.